On-Demand Courses

Yoga for Mental Health Course

This 6 hour pre-recorded course includes:

  • 2 hours of lecture videos
  • 1 hour movement practice video
  • 1.5 hours breathwork practice videos
  • 1.5 hours meditation practice videos 

We cover:

  • Neuroscience of mental health, trauma, and yoga 
  • Triune brain model and emotional regulation systems model
  • How yoga and yogic breathing improves heart-rate variability
  • Research on how yoga changes our neurobiology 
  • How our bodies react to stress and trauma 
  • Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems when regulated and after trauma
  • Working with the window of tolerance in yoga practice 
  • Threat response cycle and fight, flight, freeze, faint responses
  • Latest research on trauma theory including epigenetics, transgenerational trauma, historical trauma, and attachment theory 
  • How to use yoga movement and breathwork to regulate your mood and nervous system 
  • What trauma-informed yoga is and why it’s important 
  • Up-regulating/energizing movement and breathwork practices for low-energy/depression including breath of fire and lion’s breath
  • Down-regulating/calming movement and breathwork practices for stress/anxiety including bee’s breath, body scan, progressive muscle relaxation, and using 5 senses to orient and ground 
  • Mindfulness training with guided meditations 
  • Bonus somatic practices including vagal toning through sound and shaking/brushing

Pricing Options: 

Full and partial scholarships available with financial need.

Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Tune-Up Course

*Must purchase YFMH course as prerequisite. 

This 4 hour pre-recorded course includes:

  • 3 hours of lecture videos
  • 1 hour movement practice video with 160+ annotations on language/cueing

We cover:

  • Why we create trauma-informed spaces while teaching yoga to reduce trauma response 
  • How to teach to encourage embodiment, empowerment, choice, safety, & healing 
  • Creating intrapersonal and interpersonal rhythms, co-regulation, improving chronoception 
  • Setting up the trauma-informed studio space and how we show up in that space
  • How to use language and cues in a trauma-informed way including how to use invitational language and language of inquiry 
  • Assists from a trauma-informed perspective 
  • How to incorporate social justice into teaching including decreasing cultural appropriation, decolonization work, antiracist work, and inclusivity 

Pandemic Webinar Series

I was honored to give two webinars on mental health in the covid-19 pandemic in 2020 as fundraisers for my yoga studio, Simply Yoga, that I’m now providing with their accompanying mat practices that I feel are still poignant today in the 3rd year of the pandemic. You will have access to almost 1.5 hours lecture and 1 hour movement and meditation practices.

Other Upcoming Offerings:

Eve is currently developing/filming the following courses: 

  • Clinical Applications for Trauma-Informed Yoga – in development
  • Chakras & Mental Health – in development

Praise for Previous Workshops 

“Eve has an amazing amount of information and a highly competent way of articulating complex content in a manageable and easy to understand manner. So much thought-provoking information! The yoga practices complimented the info presented. They were easy behaviors that were accessible to all! Well worth the time and three more hours worth!!” – Deena
“This was really helpful, thank you so much! I have been in therapy for a year and a half and will be adding yoga to my journey of healing.” – Trish

“Eve is an amazing wealth of knowledge. She’s able to take rather complex concepts, such as neurotransmitters, and relate them to the real world in a way that makes sense. Highly recommend her.” – Michelle 

“My daughter has been trying to get me to do yoga for years. I finally tried it and actually enjoyed it. This class help me understand how yoga can improve health and why that is so.” – Ann  
“This workshop was incredibly valuable: supportive of my own yoga practice both as a student and teacher, my own physical and emotional health, and helpful to understand the greater context of mental illness and how to better relate to this community – which is essentially all of us in this day and age. Eve is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, and fun – keeping the class engaging while also learning a wealth of information.” – Eliana

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