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Connected Classrooms  

Friday, November 15 
$35 suggested donation 
Simply Yoga in Vancouver, WA

In this workshop for pre-K through 5th grade teachers, we will cultivate a culture of community by incorporating brain-based strategies to increase communication, strengthen relationships, and build mindfulness skills.
School-based licensed therapist, Eve Parker, and licensed educator, Amy Brock, will lead a collaborative discussion on how trauma and chronic stress impacts the brain and body and share proven techniques of how they have successfully brought mindfulness, breathwork, and yoga techniques into the classroom.

Praise for Previous Workshops 

“Eve has an amazing amount of information and a highly competent way of articulating complex content in a manageable and easy to understand manner. So much thought-provoking information! The yoga practices complimented the info presented. They were easy behaviors that were accessible to all! Well worth the time and three more hours worth!!” – Deena
“This was really helpful, thank you so much! I have been in therapy for a year and a half and will be adding yoga to my journey of healing.” – Trish

“Eve is an amazing wealth of knowledge. She’s able to take rather complex concepts, such as neurotransmitters, and relate them to the real world in a way that makes sense. Highly recommend her.” – Michelle 

“My daughter has been trying to get me to do yoga for years. I finally tried it and actually enjoyed it. This class help me understand how yoga can improve health and why that is so.” – Ann  
“This workshop was incredibly valuable: supportive of my own yoga practice both as a student and teacher, my own physical and emotional health, and helpful to understand the greater context of mental illness and how to better relate to this community – which is essentially all of us in this day and age. Eve is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, and fun – keeping the class engaging while also learning a wealth of information.” – Eliana

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