Somatic Therapy

Eve Parker LCSW, SEP, RYT

Maybe you’ve hit an impasse in your life – something has changed or maybe you’ve realized that you have some patterns that aren’t serving you anymore.

Eve (she/her) provides a warm, caring environment in which to support clients in rebalancing, reframing, and cultivating understanding about themselves and their needs in order to triumph over life’s challenges and past traumas, reduce suffering, and build quality lives.

Eve has worked with a variety of clients and enjoys empowering them to find within themselves their innate wisdom and ability to heal and move through difficult times and old patterns that no longer serve them.

She believes that no one is “broken,” but that, through support, we can learn new skills, metabolize our traumas/wounding and integrate their lessons, and find ways to align ourselves with our deepest values to feel more whole and cultivate joy and meaning in our lives.

Eve is trained in a variety of treatment approaches with a main approach in somatic/body-focused Somatic Experiencing, as well as other embodied interventions including mindfulness training, meditation, breathwork, and yoga, which she integrates into talk therapy in order to offer integrative healing for holistic mind-body-spirit wellness. 


Mission Statement

I am a healer. 

I create and hold space for somatic, embodied, earth-rooted metabolization and integration of wounding ..

.. by others 

  • to us in our lifetime as attachment/relational trauma, grief/loss
  • to us as physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and racial abuse/violence
  • to others that we witnessed (secondary trauma) 
  • to others that we inherited in our ancestral line (transgenerational trauma) or while in utero 

.. by events e.g. 

  • high impact/accidents, inescapable attack, natural disasters, shock
  • injury, illness, surgery
  • manmade disasters, war  

.. by society through

  • colonization and intentional stripping of our cultures and spiritual roots of origin (yes even people co-opted into the divisive construct of “whiteness”) 
  • white-bodied supremacy, colonization, and institutionalized discrimination (against any demographic)
  • internalization of capitalism, grind culture, shame culture, and scarcity mindset
  • patriarchal, puritanical belief systems 

What I do: 

  • support renegotiating of traumatic experiences 
  • integration instead of continued fragmentation 
  • calling on the healing practices and resiliency of our Ancestors
  • shadow work 
  • honoring and trusting nervous systems, attachment systems, and survivor stories 
  • attachment/gentle/conscious parenting and reparenting 
  • slowing down and looking for coherence, settling 
  • validating all the ways you’ve coped to survive to this point 

What I don’t do: 

  • exposure therapy that floods the body/mind, overwhelming the nervous system, as a way to “desensitize” 
  • trauma narratives that give minute details of the trauma story (in fact with SE we are able to work successfully with very few details) 
  • pathologize, focus on diagnoses, criticize old coping patterns 

Availability & Insurance 

Eve is currently not accepting new ongoing individual clients.

She is accepting drop-in sessions for SE (Beginning year only) and DARe students at the student rate of $100 per 50 min session – schedule here.

She usually works with client who are interested in working on trauma from a somatic perspective and has regular trauma-informed group therapy offerings.

She is full-time remote work offers telehealth sessions on HIPPA-compliant Zoom video calls on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday for people in Washington state and Oregon. 

She is panelled with the following insurance panels but also accepts cash pay at $140 per 50 min session. 

  • Aetna
  • Meritain
  • Evernorth (formerly Cigna)
  • PacificSource 
  • Kaiser 


  • Master of Social Work (2014) from Northwest Nazarene University with concentrations in Addiction Studies & Mental Health Counseling, graduated cum laude 
  • Somatic Experiencing 3-year certificate program (2019-2022)  
  • Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience certificate program (2021) 
  • Master Classes/continued education with Peter Levine, PhD including Archetypes and Developmental Trauma (2/2020), Transgenerational Trauma (11/2020), and Shock and Developmental Trauma (2/2021)
  • Master Classes/continued education with Diane Poole Heller, PhD including From Me to We: Secure Functioning in Adult Relationships with Stan Tatkin, PsyD (2023-2024)
  • Master Classes/continued education with Raja Selvam, PhD on Prenatal and Perinatal Developmental Trauma 
  • Crisis Stabilization and Safety protocol training expected Dec 2023 
  • 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Conservatory at Yoga Refuge, Portland OR (2017-2018) 


Licenses held: WA state since 2019: LW60864925 and OR since 2023: L13957 

Intervention Methods

  • Somatic Experiencing – somatic/body-based trauma model (see video
  • Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience – attachment/developmental trauma model 
  • Embodied interventions including mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, & trauma-informed/sensitive yoga
  • Top-down/Cognitive Behavior Therapy style models are also integrated such as Motivational Interviewing and Solution-Focused Brief Therapy


Clinical Supervision and Consultation

Eve is able to supervise graduate students and pre-licensure social workers and counselors in WA at $140/hr. She also offers consultation to clinicians though isn’t an approved case consult provider through SE or DARe yet! 
Eve offers grounded, nurturing support of supervisees using the Socratic method and capitalizing on individual learning styles while providing regular strengths-based feedback.
Supervision subjects include: 
  • learning documentation, interviewing, and diagnostic skills
  • working through ethical dilemmas, countertransference issues, and challenging cases
  • encouragement of social justice/equity lifestyles and practices, and
  • learning how to hold the dialectic of methodologies/intervention strategies with letting all of that go and just holding space for/being in connection with clients 

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