About Me

Eve Parker LCSW, SEP, RYT

Mental Health Therapy

Eve (she/her) provides a warm, caring environment in which to support clients in rebalancing, reframing, and cultivating understanding about themselves and their needs in order to triumph over life’s challenges, reduce suffering, and build quality lives.
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Clinical Supervision

Eve is able to supervise graduate students and pre-licensure social workers and counselors in WA at $140/hr. 
Eve offers grounded, nurturing support of supervisees using the Socratic method and capitalizing on individual learning styles while providing regular strengths-based feedback.
Supervision subjects include: 
  • learning documentation, interviewing, and diagnostic skills
  • working through ethical dilemmas, countertransference issues, and challenging cases
  • encouragement of social justice/equity lifestyles and practices, and
  • learning how to hold the dialectic of methodologies/intervention strategies with letting all of that go and just holding space for/being in connection with clients 

Yoga Instruction

As a mental health and trauma therapist, Eve brings 10 years experience in the mental health field to her yoga and mindfulness teaching and is dedicated to bridging the gap between therapies for mind and body to provide a healing space from a holistic standpoint.
Eve enjoys teaching embodied, mindfully-sequenced vinyasa flow, detail-oriented and anatomy-based hatha, and deeply grounding yin and restorative practices. She weaves in themes from modern Western psychology, neuroscience, ancient Eastern philosophy, and applications for taking lessons learned on the mat into the rest of life to create a well-rounded practice to nourish mind, body, and spirit. 
Eve values cultivating a safe, trauma-informed space in which consent is paramount, making classes accessible to each student’s individual anatomy through empowering students to learn and listen to their bodies and through creative use of props and cues.
How I teach trauma-informed classes: 
• I do not use touch & limit moving around the space only after announcing it⁣
• I don’t use fragrance, chose music carefully, & don’t turn the lights low⁣
• I use invitational language, choose wording carefully, & don’t leave silence for long ⁣
• I give choices, encourage prop-use, & celebrate what you chose for your body ⁣⁣
• I invite focus to be on experiencing physical embodiment in the present moment ⁣⁣
• I empower students to be curious, gentle on themselves, & not worry about “getting it right” ⁣

Eve enjoys hiking, backpacking, camper-vanning, photography, veggie gardening, video games, reading, sleeping, being with her husband and 2 corgis, traveling, snorkeling, and language learning.

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