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Integrated Therapy & Yoga

About Eve

As a mental health and trauma therapist, Eve brings 9 years experience in the mental health field to her yoga and mindfulness teaching and is dedicated to bridging the gap between therapies for mind and body to provide a healing space from a holistic standpoint.

Public Class Schedule

Yin Yoga for Mental Wellness 7:30pm *

Weekly free, trauma-informed movement, breathwork, and meditation videos on my Vimeo library 

Mindful Vinyasa 6:30pm *

*both live-streamed through Simply Yoga in Salmon Creek

Private Integrated Yoga Therapeutics

Private yoga sessions drawing from my mental health therapy background as well as from yoga movement, meditation, and breathwork to focus on exactly what you need to nourish and heal on a holistic level. Please email me for a free consult and we can chat about your goals!


Connect with Me

Use the form below to get int touch with me or request a session.

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